30 Dec 2022

2023 BOOK - TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling

 2023 BOOK - TAJ© Therapeutic Art Journaling


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2023 BOOK - RISKING BEING ALIVE by Yaro Starak


2023 BOOK - RISKING BEING ALIVE by Yaro Starak


By Yaro Starak and authors

Printed Book (only)

New edition by Yaro Starak

Risking Being Alive is a collection of ideas, experiments and readings that introduce psychological and psycho-therapeutic tools that can be used to increase the sharpness with which you see and relate to the world. Used properly they will enable you to enrich your life and become master of your fate.


Yaro Starak

James Oldham

Tony Key

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​Order here a PRINTED BOOK (Shipping address) 

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Note: After payment is made and order completed, it is not allowed any kind of cancellations, changes and/or refunds in any circumstance

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Become a Member 2023!


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2023 Project of the Creation of the ART THERAPY BOOK

 2023 Project of the Creation of the ART THERAPY BOOK

❇️ We are starting a beautiful and interesting project!

► The creation of a book of GESTALT ART THERAPY and other approaches.

We have realized that since we started the project with the creation of the Gestalt Art Therapy training CAT©  in the Spanish language, in 2010, and our work in our at the Gestalt Art Therapy Center in Australia, the number of professionals incorporating more Art into the practice of Gestalt Therapy and/or other approaches, has grown remarkably and we would love to count with your contribution to the book.

The objective of the creation of this book is to convey the experiences, investigations, opinions and realization of clients in workshops, psychotherapy sessions and the realization of therapists, in supervision sessions and in their own personal processes, such as the result of the use of the arts in the Gestalt Psychotherapy and other approaches.

Thus, we have opened the period for receiving "expressions of interest" to collaborate in this project.

Participation is open if you are a GOLD Member and meet the minimum requirements. For more information about participation conditions, write to: gestaltarttherapycentre@gmail.com

We hope to launch the book in 2024!

Participating in this project, in addition to personal satisfaction for you, can be professional, since the chosen collaborators will be able to see their publication in the book, where they will also be able to read a Biography of the author/s and the contact information that will give access to the web, email, social networks, etc., as well as activities that they develop, information that will appear in the directory in the book, being an important professional international promotion channel.

In addition, it is planned to translate this book into the Spanish language.

Complete here the Expression of interest form in taking part in the project to create the GESTALT ART THERAPY BOOK and other approaches.

*Completing the form does not mean that you have been selected. Once the form is received, we will contact you via email to confirm the information provided before August 2023, if you have been selected, we will confirm your participation and the next step to follow to be part of this collaboration project, in the book GESTALT ART THERAPY and other approaches.

Contact us for more information gestaltarttherapycentre@gmail.com

*The photograph/cover that appears as a presentation of the Gestalt Art Therapy and other approaches book , will not be the official/definitive cover of the book. (Images Copyright by Gemma Garcia).

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2023 Creative Retreat "Love Yourself"


2023 Creative Retreat "Love Yourself"

✴️CREATIVE Retreat "Love Yourself"

"Treat yourself"

During the Retreat: 
  • Participants will learn the steps to self-acceptance, investigating their blocks and practicing forgiveness and acknowledging resilience to build confidence in each "here and now" to achieve their future goals. 
  • Time to relax doing creative and transformative activities.
  • Enjoy the environment in a place full of peace.
  • Recognize the efforts you have made and are making every day of your life and give yourself time to love yourself and give yourself time and receive support to design your future Goals.
  • We will use a wide variety of media (painting, drawing, writing) and creative techniques. No prior art or therapy experience is necessary. It will be a place to explore and enjoy without our inner critic!

Planned days for the Retreat 2023:

Friday May 19th from 5pm

Saturday May 20th

Sunday May 21st until Lunch time

3 days, 2 nights


  • Accommodation:

Sharing Room (Twin beds).  Each Room Features:

Twin beds.

Fridge, Kettle and pod coffee machine

Ensuite with Shower and Mini Bath

Reading chair

Blockout Curtains

Australian Botanical toiletries by Leif

  • Catering Included (Friday dinner until Sunday lunch)

​Cost per person:

Become a member Silver or Gold

Members of the Gestalt Art Therapy CLUB (Silver or Gold )

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Ask us for Bank details if you do not want to pay paypal commissions fees.

Please read more information about cancellations policy.

Please note:

Covid Requirements

Following the Australian Government Health department indications and with the objective of offering a safe space for all participants and Retreat leaders.

Every participant before being admitted to each Event/ Retreat/ Face-to-face session/ workshop:

• Before the starting of the Retreat / workshop/ session temperature measures will be taken. If the participant has symptoms like fever (37°C or more), coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath, unfortunately, he/she will not be admitted to the Retreat/ event.

Important information from Government:

Testing positive to COVID-19

Any person who tests positive to COVID-19 will need to immediately isolate at home or other suitable accommodation for at least 7 full days from the date the person had their test. Follow advice from Queensland Health, including the first steps to take if you have COVID-19.

Close contact

If you are a close contact, on the day of the event/ session you should have a negative test and wear a mask.

If there is a positive test, please contact us with this information.

Regarding face to face Retreats/  workshops/ sessions, clients who tested COVID positive must have passed a minimum of 14 days after Covid to be able to have a face to face participation/ session and have a RAT negative test.

Please read information about cancelations and refunds here.

Contact us for more info: gestaltarttherapycentre@gmail.com


Hello! Welcome to our creative therapy centre!

Here you will find everything related to Art Therapy using the Gestalt approach.

What is Art ?:

Art is genarally known as what is done by a person whose purpose is to express a message through symbols.

These symbolic tools can be music, paintings, sculptures, theater and so on.

What is Gestalt Therapy ?:

Gestalt therapy is a methodology within psychology that grew out of the research and work of the psychiatrist Dr.Fritz Perls and his wife Dr.Laura Perls.

These two professionals were coming from the psychoanalytic perspective and felt that this method was not enough to work with clients. Today we are clearly aware that no one single method can resolve the issues that involve a range of human suffering and growth.

Gestalt is a German word roughly meaning "Shape" or "configuration".

This concept is understood, in gneral terms, that all individual experiences are shaped by a figure and a background. As time goes on, and our needs change, the figure can become the background and vice versa. So in the client's experience, the figure is changing at all times from becoming a background and as the needs arise, the figure emerges seeking completion.

When we block or prevent this process, we become unaware and suffer. That is a part of the theoretical foundations of Gestalt therapy.

Gestalt therapy, therefore, is a "philosophy", a way of being in the world in the "here and now" and taking "response-aibility" without pushing the river. Thus life is a flow ..

What is GESTALT Art Therapy?

It is the sum of the two previous concepts, Gestal therapy and the use of tools we learn to use in art therapy.

Using the artistic tools and adding the gestalt language between client and psychotherapist we work jointly to decode the messages hidden in the intrinsic symbols representing the client's situation. The Psychotherapist accompanies the client in the process of "discovering" what is helpful and not analysing or interpreting, but suggesting and asking the client what it is he or she knows are the answers and supports client's need to discover the ncessary solutions.

WE ARE SURE THAT YOU WILL BE ATTRACTED by this new way of working with emotions, whether or not you are a professional psychologist or therapist, since many of the exercises can be used personally for your own growth.

Our work is done in Australia & Spain and other countries. We have given workshops and participated in conferences throughout the world. We are located in our offices at the Gestalt Art Therapy Centre in Brisbane -Australia.


Yaro Starak - Gestalt Psychoterapist
Gemma Garcia- Gestalt Therapist- Ericksonian Hypnosis


1-TRAINING MODULES FOR SALE: Gestalt art therapy


Here you will find and carry out therapeutic work with tools that combine art and gestalt method.

You can learn new ways of providing therapeutic treatment depending on the particular situation and client needs.


These modules can be practical exercises for your "realize" how do you do in your life.

There are specific modules that you can play with your partner and / or family.


We offer brief therapy sessions via Skype. You may request a no-obligation appointment with us, the first session is free.

This is a way of doing personal therapy we call "Emergency work" used in very special cases and situations. For us, the therapy session should be mainly for the benefit of the client needing immediate help.


GESTALT THERAPY theory and practice - some books written by Yaro Starak

A GESTALT TEST: you can acquire to discover your potentials.

VIDEOS & DVD focussing on gestalt work and art therapy work.

ARTICLES: Written by varoius therapists from Australia, NZ and overseas.