7 Apr 2020

2020 Free Online Art Therapy Session due COVID19 situation

One Free Online Art Therapy Session

Gestalt Art Therapy Centre is offering you one ONLINE Free Art Therapy session
due to this uncertain time in our community and country related to the COVID-19
and the upcoming emotions of sadness, fear, and anxiety

Gestalt Art Therapy Centre is offering one Free online (Skype or WhatsApp) Art Therapy session for people emotionally affected for the situation of the COVID-19.

This is our collaboration (our time and support) during this difficult time.

This invitation is only for people in need.

Only one Free online Art therapy session per person.
We will attend only for a Therapy session, not for Professional Supervision.

People already in treatment and or receiving Psychotherapy are not eligible, because the dual psychological intervention could be contraindicated.

The approximate duration of the online session will be around 30 minutes The cost is free.

The person interested in the session must complete the BOOKING registration here, writing a least three days and times selected. We will confirm availability in about 4 days of the reception of the registration.
Please note available times are Local Time in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. From 8 am to 6 pm

This invitation is at the moment open from April 1st until April 30th, 2020
This invitation is not exchangeable for any of our products related to our webpage/Instagram/Facebook/ etc and or money. The Directors of the centre can change these conditions at any time and or if necessary they may decline to accept or develop sessions due to overbookings.
Please read all the Terms & conditions related to this invitation at our webpage
Complete the BOOKING registration on the webpage, please. Once the person booked the session, it means that he or she accepts all the terms and conditions of this one free Art Therapy session.


Hello! Welcome to our creative therapy centre!

Here you will find everything related to Art Therapy using the Gestalt approach.

What is Art ?:

Art is genarally known as what is done by a person whose purpose is to express a message through symbols.

These symbolic tools can be music, paintings, sculptures, theater and so on.

What is Gestalt Therapy ?:

Gestalt therapy is a methodology within psychology that grew out of the research and work of the psychiatrist Dr.Fritz Perls and his wife Dr.Laura Perls.

These two professionals were coming from the psychoanalytic perspective and felt that this method was not enough to work with clients. Today we are clearly aware that no one single method can resolve the issues that involve a range of human suffering and growth.

Gestalt is a German word roughly meaning "Shape" or "configuration".

This concept is understood, in gneral terms, that all individual experiences are shaped by a figure and a background. As time goes on, and our needs change, the figure can become the background and vice versa. So in the client's experience, the figure is changing at all times from becoming a background and as the needs arise, the figure emerges seeking completion.

When we block or prevent this process, we become unaware and suffer. That is a part of the theoretical foundations of Gestalt therapy.

Gestalt therapy, therefore, is a "philosophy", a way of being in the world in the "here and now" and taking "response-aibility" without pushing the river. Thus life is a flow ..

What is GESTALT Art Therapy?

It is the sum of the two previous concepts, Gestal therapy and the use of tools we learn to use in art therapy.

Using the artistic tools and adding the gestalt language between client and psychotherapist we work jointly to decode the messages hidden in the intrinsic symbols representing the client's situation. The Psychotherapist accompanies the client in the process of "discovering" what is helpful and not analysing or interpreting, but suggesting and asking the client what it is he or she knows are the answers and supports client's need to discover the ncessary solutions.

WE ARE SURE THAT YOU WILL BE ATTRACTED by this new way of working with emotions, whether or not you are a professional psychologist or therapist, since many of the exercises can be used personally for your own growth.

Our work is done in Australia & Spain and other countries. We have given workshops and participated in conferences throughout the world. We are located in our offices at the Gestalt Art Therapy Centre in Brisbane -Australia.


Yaro Starak - Gestalt Psychoterapist
Gemma Garcia- Gestalt Therapist- Ericksonian Hypnosis


1-TRAINING MODULES FOR SALE: Gestalt art therapy


Here you will find and carry out therapeutic work with tools that combine art and gestalt method.

You can learn new ways of providing therapeutic treatment depending on the particular situation and client needs.


These modules can be practical exercises for your "realize" how do you do in your life.

There are specific modules that you can play with your partner and / or family.


We offer brief therapy sessions via Skype. You may request a no-obligation appointment with us, the first session is free.

This is a way of doing personal therapy we call "Emergency work" used in very special cases and situations. For us, the therapy session should be mainly for the benefit of the client needing immediate help.


GESTALT THERAPY theory and practice - some books written by Yaro Starak

A GESTALT TEST: you can acquire to discover your potentials.

VIDEOS & DVD focussing on gestalt work and art therapy work.

ARTICLES: Written by varoius therapists from Australia, NZ and overseas.